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Dairy Farmers of Ontario
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Dairy Farmers of Ontario is launching a new campaign about milk and cookies as the ultimate pair. DFO wants to surprise and delight people in the month of Christmas, as milk and cookies is a tradition for Santa Claus. A billboard was scheduled to be placed flat onto a Toronto building, with the intention of having Santa Claus to view it. But how can other people who are not Santa Claus be surprised with it especially since it lays flat on the building?


The month of December is when more people would be going to shopping malls for Christmas gifts. They would be searching for mall and store information such as direction, distance and open hours in Google Maps.


Google Maps allows for users to upload images within locations as part of their user generated content. Each location search result would show the latest uploaded user image as part of its location detail. By using data to determine the top 10 searched shopping malls in Ontario, DFO can take advantage of the image upload capability and upload the image of the billboard within all 10 shopping malls’ Google Maps search results as “Santa Claus”. This acts as a surprise when people search for the malls within Google Maps during the 2 weeks of December before Christmas.


Over 30K free impressions were generated within Google Maps using $0 budget.

Mall address shows images of the destination
Google Maps allows user generated content to showcase the address
Under photos of the address, the most recent uploaded photos are shown