Ancestry: Your DNA Story



Most people think DNA test is just giving a sample of their saliva and then receive information of their past. But with Ancestry product, it is about building your family tree with your information and your other family members’ information to keep discovering new members and documentations. Each type of information you put in, the program will surface up new information that it thinks would be related to you and you can add to your family tree if applicable.


Ancestry wants to promote its DNA service in social media to peak people’s interest, while showing the benefits and joy of building your family tree and knowing about your ancestors.


Our Millennial demographic spend most of their time in Instagram, which is where they get their entertainment, news, content, and discover new brands. With the constant stream of content and ads in the platform, Ancestry needs to proposition itself in a new light to get the audience’s attention and engagement.


Instead of telling how the Ancestry product work through traditional video, I want to be able to peak the audience’s interest and discover the joy of uncovering a person’s family tree.

By using the native feature of Instagram of tagging someone’s name / profile on an image, I want to let people be able to trace back a person’s heritage by clicking through the name tags on an image and for them to view each of their profiles like a family tree.


It starts with one image and Instagram profile of a girl named Lola Serge with 2 names tagged on the image: her mother and father. When the user clicks on either of the name tags, it’ll take the user to that Instagram profile and they can view imageries of that person. That person’s imagery would also be tagged with their parents’ names and siblings which the user can click into and view their profiles.

Each name tag has its own Instagram profile which shows the information of the person in the bio with their immediate family mentioned / tagged. The grid would show imageries related to the person from photos to documents which one would discover in an Ancestry family tree. This helps to demonstrate the in depth information and documentations of one’s ancestors by using Ancestry products which they can keep tracing.