Sherwood Rekker M90



Sherwood is launching their new Rekker M90 hockey stick but their hockey sticks have traditionally been seen as parents’ hockey brand. Sherwood wants to target to Gen Z and shift their perception of the brand in order to help promote the new Rekker M90. 


68% of Gen Z males agree that gaming is an important part of their identity. For this generation, gaming transcends a hobby and is in fact a primary means of identifying themselves – a vital facet of their social lives, component of their media habits and driver of their brand choices.

In order to shift Gen Z’s perception on Sherwood, the brand needs to be embedded within Gen Z’s culture and gaming is the major driver.


The idea is to place the audience as a hockey player (POV style) using the Rekker M90 within a video game setting which they can make different choices to score.


It was important to understand how Gen Z uses different platforms and how their digital behaviour would shape the creative idea. This includes utilizing data and insights of TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter. Gaming was big within Gen Z and it was important to leverage their gaming behaviour such as watching livestreams of gaming on Youtube and Twitch.

By studying the insights and digital behaviour of Gen Z, I was able to strategize the road map to communicate Sherwood’s brand. Also by identifying the major platforms that Gen Z would be using for social and gaming, I am able to provide creative strategy to help shape ideation and inform the multi-channel ecosystem.


With the campaign teaser, initial launch and post education within Instagram, the creative video need to follow the best practice of capturing the audience attention with clear branding within 3 seconds. There were 10 different video deliverables from teaser, launching and post education, within a limited video production budget. I was able to plan a creative shot list against the deliverables with all best practice aspect ratios (16×9, 4×5, 1×1)  within one video shoot with one camera.