Cadillac XT4 Installation



Through the power of touch and feel, we take consumers beyond driving and immerse them into a one-of-a-kind, multi-sensory experience that elicits the intensified emotional state behind the wheel of the Cadillac XT4 and matches the energy of the 4Wherever It Takes You campaign.


The XT4 takes centre stage as the focal point of the installation – both visually and functionally. There are ten interactive touchpoints throughout the vehicle – headlamps, front fenders, front wheels, steering wheel and gas pedal. Each touchpoint triggers a visual that best represent the function and emotion of that part of the vehicle. 

Consumers have the power to manipulate the visuals through gestures. For example, a quick tap on the vehicle creates an explosion of  visual shown on screen.

Sound is imperative to the experience as well. A subdued background track sets the tone and works harmoniously with the individual sound effects being generated from the interaction points. The layers of sound create an experimental soundscape that is in-sync with a user’s visual experience.

The installation travelled through Canada’s main malls – Carrefour Laval in Montreal, Yorkdale in Toronto and Richmond Center in Vancouver.


As the Senior Art Director at Isobar for the project – I worked on the initial idea development, mockup design, interaction design, user experience, storyboarding as well as overall look and feel.  I’ve worked closely with vendors and producers to ensure correct technologies are used,  the interaction points are impactful for the consumer, and the overall installation maintains the feel of a luxury brand.

I also provided guidance and direction to another team of Art Directors, Writers and Designers for the overall campaign with the installation in the center. This includes mall domination ad units such as wall pillar wraps, stair wraps, video walls, and mall posters, as well social and digital units such as Teads, Instagram, Facebook, site maintenance and digital banners to ensure the overall tone and design are cohesive throughout.


Looking 4Thrills? – Consumers are beckoned to play with the XT4 through a variety of cheeky supers in the campaign’s voice.

Brand Ambassadors – Cadillac Brand Ambassadors meet & greet passersby, welcoming them into the space. BA’s are instructed to engage consumers at a high level, pointing out the points of interaction and the vehicle’s key features using a handheld tablet and delivering the elevator pitch.

Once the pre-education is complete, BA’s encourage consumers to walkthrough the immersive experience; starting with the Bose headsets.

In order to pitch the idea to client as well as briefing external vendors, I’ve created preliminary 3D renders of the installation using Blender to illustrate the initial overall set up and design. By working closely with vendors and producers, the overall design of the installation was scaled and modified based on logistics and budget but still maintains the sole idea of the experience.

When no one is interacting with the XT4 – the digital screen displays cheeky supers that entices consumers to approach it. As well it highlights the main feature / technology of the vehicle to provide more in depth learning of the car.

The wheels are the catalyst to any adventure. Therefore, when a person touches the front or back wheels, it generates a visual inspired by the XT4 tire tracks that reveals footage from the XT4 campaign as well as abstract visuals. The visual and audio is manipulated by the person’s speed and direction of their motion. 

We simulate the extraordinary feelings of driving of the XT4 through a more psychedelic lens.  When the person touches the head lamp it generates light-inspired footage – the kaleidoscopic pre-launch footage,  the in-studio pans, the LED lamps in the dark. The visual and audio are manipulated based on the person’s speed and direction of their motion. 

Inspired by the turbocharged engine under the hood, the visuals are to simulate expansion, explosion and give users the feeling that they are creating something bigger and more powerful. The person can trigger and manipulate the visual and audio by touching the hood at various speed. 

Inspired by the opening scene in the 4JOY spot, we utilize the light tunnel scene to simulate the speed and thrill of driving the XT4. The visual moves at a faster speed based on the pressure the user puts on the pedal. Turning the steering wheel moves the visuals left or right according to the user’s direction. Other tunnel visuals are generated based on the speed of the person to simulate a seamless endless driving experience. 

XT4 acceleration and driving sounds (ex. exhaust) are generated based on the pressure being put on the pedal. The steering wheel affects the balance of the sound. Turn the wheel left and the sound moves to the left side of the headphones.

Those who show the brand a little extra love, get reward for it with a secret “easter egg” visual which the video of XT4 drives across the screen. This visual is only triggered when the person touches the crest on the steering wheel.Along with the visuals, the user is treated to “Bang-Bang” track mix from the JOY and WONDER TV spots.

The back of the installation showcases a X that masks the animation visuals that users would see in the front of the installation.


To support the XT4 installation, we’ve dominated the malls that the installation would be situated in: Yorkdale Toronto, Carrefour Laval Montreal and Richmond Center Vancouver. This includes wall pillar wraps, stair wraps, print ads, indoor and outdoor digital screens, and social teasers.

Organic and paid social posts to create curiosity and excitement about the new vehicle launch and installation.

Within the malls where the installation was set up, passersby can also get a glimpse of the new launch of XT4 via the digital screens.

We also took over the curve digital screen at the Eaton Centre to showcase the launch. The video was specifically designed to leverage the special size and curve of the screen.