Snap AR Lens:

Zulubot & Snap


Snap is hosting a virtual marketing event that is funhouse themed and wants to showcase Snapchat’s unique AR capabilities. Snap wants to be able to have the attendees interact with the Lens during the event via a riddle and scavenger hunt. Attendees will be given riddles during the event and will need to solve them with the AR experience and find one or all of the 3 key messages in order to win a prize.


By utilizing an existing branding and design system created for the event, the overall look and feel of the AR Lens matches with the virtual event, from colour, decor, and messaging.


When user has launched the Lens via World Camera, they are presented with 2 choices to enter the Funhouse. Depending on which choice they choose, they will either be in the experience upsidedown or upright position.

Users can move their camera around to view the different parts of the room, and different objects can be tapped to see them animate.

They are given 3 different riddles through the virtual event by the host, and they have to find the items within the Lens. Once they’ve found the object and taps on it, a balloon with the Snap logo will fall and explode to a message relating to “tricks on AR marketing”. The first few people who can successfully identify the 3 messaging to the virtual event will then win a prize.

By flipping to Selfie Camera, they can experience a funhouse mirror effect.


As the concept lead, I prepared different concept ideas to present to Snap including visual design, user experience and interaction design. Working closely with the branding, development, and graphic team, each idea is vetted to ensure it can be developed within the timeframe. I also help with quality insurance from testing to documenting bugs in priority sequence.


Scan the above code with Snapchat or
When user launches the Lens in World Camera view, they’re presented with 2 options to enter.
By choosing the red curtain, user is taken into a funhouse themed room.
By tapping onto specific objects, it will trigger different animation sequences. For example, by tapping onto the fan, confetti pops out from it.
When the user taps on the correct objects (based on the given riddle), a balloon with the Snap logo falls out.
The balloon pops with a message showing up on screen. There is also an indicator in the top right corner of the screen to show how many balloons have been found.
There is a hidden portal which is shaped as the Snap logo, which takes the user to a secret room when tapped.
In the secrete room, user is immersed in an upsidedown pool filled with balls. When user taps onto specific objects, different animation sequences happen. For example, when the cloud is tapped, a rainbow falls out from it.
When the beach ball is tapped, a balloon with a Snap logo falls out from the pool.
The balloon pops with a message showing up on screen. As another balloon is found, the indicator in the top right shows a balloon is marked.
User can also exit back to the curtain selection, when they choose the yellow curtain, they’re taken to the same funhouse room but the layout is flipped horizontally.
When the user taps onto the queen chess piece, it will then checkmate and knock the king chess piece over.
The window will open with a Snap logo balloon flying out.
The balloon pops with a message showing up on screen. As another balloon is found, the indicator in the top right shows a balloon is marked.
When user flips to Selfie Camera view, they can morph their face like a funhouse mirror.
As the scale moves higher, there is more distortion added to the user’s face.