Instore Digital Experience

Canadian Tire


Canadian Tire has built their largest store in South Edmonton Common, Edmonton. The store uses more than 100 interactive digital screens to help & inspire customers with their shopping experience.


As the Design Lead for the instore digital experience, I was responsible for the overall creative direction, interaction and visual design.

I was leading 4 other designers through design / technical problems by providing art direction & feedback for all necessary creatives within the project. I collaborated with UX and Development team to conceptualize and problem-solve to create the best product.

I’ve also worked closely with Product Owners and Business Analysts to ensure all business requirements are met and all necessary deliverables are met for sprint cycles. After each sprint and demo from the development team, I also QA and live test to ensure the best final product.


Screen Spec: Portrait 34″, Tablet Portrait 10″

The Interactive Garage lets the user build and view their vehicle using parts sold at Canadian Tire.

The car animation acts as a teaser for the interactive screen.
When the screen is activated, the user can select their vehicle in the ‘garage setting’, and select different vehicle colours.
Users can also select different interior, exterior and performance accessories which would showcase in their selected vehicle.
By choosing the different product options, users can also view the product information from viewing videos to additional images.
As the user adds different products to their car, the products are also added to a product list which they can send to the auto department for purchase.


Screen Spec: Portrait 34″, Tablet Portrait 10″

The BBQ Selectors are situated among the BBQ products within the Canadian Tire store. They are used to help customers to select the best BBQ and provide product information.

The home screen showcases the hero products and options for users to search for their perfect BBQ.
Based on how the user searches for the product, it will then showcase a product result page. The user has the option to add to a list that can be sent to themselves or compare products on screen.


Screen Spec: Portrait 34″

The Small Projects / HOW-TO is a digital experience that allows customers to search for fun home projects and locate related products within the store.

The home screen promotes different relevant home projects with search functionality and category selections.
By selecting a category or via search, users will be taken to a results page that showcases all the relevant how-tos.

When the user has selected a how-to, they’ll be taken to a step-by-step guide of the how-to project. Users can see all the necessary items they need and where they can find them in the store. They can also add all the items to a list to send to themselves with the how-to guide.


Screen Spec: Portrait 34″

A KIOSK at the entrance of Canadian Tire to help customers quickly search for products, look at the latest flyer, promote products, compare and add products to a list, and sign up to a loyalty program all within one device. 

A selector tool within the KIOSK that promotes the most requested / asked products based on season and consumer behaviour data.

A product search result page that showcases the relevant products based on the user’s search. They can also filter by brand, rating, and category, as well as add to a shopping list and compare products.

A product display page that shows all the information relating to the product from location, stock, specification, and reviews. Users are also able to see other relevant products and add the current product to a shopping list or comparison list.