Digital How-To

Canadian Tire


Canadian Tire has a new content strategy of providing useful how-tos, a step-by-step guide of different jobs around a home. As the content library keeps building up, Canadian Tire wants to revamp how users can navigate the different how-tos from a better user experience to a modern design within branding.


As the Senior Designer Lead, I worked closely with our User Experience team to ensure the final work is user-centric and responsive for different screen sizes. I also ensured the design met our business objective, align with overall branding, and can be developed for a content management system.


A responsive site design that will scale based on screen sizes on desktop and tablet. When the user selects a category within the navigation, subcategory navigation drops to help filter the different HOW-TOs. Users are then able to select different how-tos that display underneath.

As the how-tos are pulled into the results based on popularity and trend of the season, different cover image sizes are created to fit into the necessary content boxes.

The how-to page will showcase all the necessary steps and recommended products to have the job done. Each step showcases the necessary product/tool and allows the user to add them to their shopping list (for comparison, viewing purposes, later use) or to their cart for check-out.


As the site is responsive, it has a separate mobile design to scale to when it detects a mobile device is being used to view. This helps to ensure that information is scaled and presented properly on mobile devices as well as provides an intuitive user experience.

User can swipe the category bar to select a how-to category that will then display all the relevant how-tos underneath.
As the user scrolls down the category slider remain on the top with the content fading towards it.
When the user selects a how-to, it takes them to the step-by-step page that shows the approx time it will take to get the job done, the level of difficulty, the number of steps, and how many people have liked it.
As the user scrolls down, the how-to offers an option to watch the full video of how-to as well as email the project or share in social. *The future iteration is to integrate with setting up personal profiles on the Canadian Tire website so users can save the how-tos to their profiles for future use.
Users can expand the accordions to view more, the first one displays what users will need to get the job done. By tapping onto the item, it will open up a product display page.
Each step of the how-to showcases a visual with the caption as well as the tool/item needed for the step. Users can also add the item to a shopping list or cart.