AR Experience: The Wow Guide

Canadian Tire


Canadian Tire has launched the Spring catalog “The Wow Guide” which combines both print and digital experience. By downloading the Canadian Tire app on a mobile / tablet device, the user can scan the print catalog and view product info, videos, and extra content on their mobile / tablet.


My role in the project was to design the user interface for the app scanning functionality. In order to support the launch of ‘The WOW Guide’,  I’ve also designed the takeover of the home page of the Canadian Tire website.


The user will need to download the Canadian Tire app and then launch the scanning functionality. Once the user has placed their phone on top of the physical catalog, it will then recognize which page the user is on and shows more info about the products on the page via augmented reality.

01. Once the user has opened the app to scan, it asks the user to include the entire page for it to scan the page.
02. Once the page is scanned, hotspots appear on the screen for the user to interact with.
03. The user can view help by clicking on the question mark icon in the top left of the scanning screen.