Snap AR Lens:
Recipe Helper

Zulubot & Snap


Snap is sending their branded mini waffle makers as a thank you to their advertising clients at end of the year. They also want to showcase the utility side of Augmented Reality and how Snap is the leader in AR Experiences. With the mini waffle maker, users should be able to scan the packaging / maker and launch an AR Lens that provides different waffle recipes step-by-step while showcasing Snapchat’s unique capabilities.


As most recipes online are just text-based without photos to show each step, by using Augmented Reality, users can view each step of the recipe mapped in their environment. This helps to show what each ingredient looks like, the process of each cooking step and eliminate confusion.

Unlike a recipe video, users should be able to easily navigate back and forth of each step, and stay on each step for as long as they need without having to worry about catching up on the instructions.


A Snap code will be printed on a description / thank you card placed with the waffle maker. Users are then encouraged to scan the Snap code via Snapchat to launch the AR Recipe Lens. Once the Lens is opened in the World Camera, users can place different waffle dishes in their environment to select which recipe to create.

Once a recipe is chosen, each step will be mapped onto the user’s environment for them to follow along as they can also scale the items and view in different directions.

In the last step of every recipe, users are encouraged to turn their camera to Selfie mode as it acts as a countdown and game to play as they wait for their waffles to be cooked in the waffle maker.


As the concept lead, I prepared different concept ideas to present to Snap including visual design, user experience and interaction design. Working closely with the development and graphic team, each idea is vetted to ensure it can be developed within the timeframe. I also help with quality insurance from testing to documenting bugs in priority sequence.


Scan the above code with Snapchat or
In World Camera view, users can view the dishes and choose the recipe by mapping the dishes in their environment via AR.
Once a recipe is selected, users will see the number of steps for it and each step is mapped visually in their environment. Users can scale the 3D visuals and move around to view it from all directions.
In the last step where the ingredients go into the waffle maker, it will prompt the users to wait 3 minutes and flip to the selfie camera to pass the time.
In Selfie Camera view, users see themselves as a waffle. They are then prompted to tap the screen to add toppings to the waffle. There is also a 3-minute countdown to indicate when their waffle is done in the maker.
As the user adds toppings, each topping disappears after 3 seconds so an endless amount of toppings can be added throughout the 3-minute countdown.
When the countdown hits 0, a celebratory message appears with confetti.