Jeep WebVR Experience



  • Support the reveal of the new Jeep vehicle to build awareness and buzz before launch
  • Create a unique digital experience that speaks directly to the premium buyer


  • Reveal and launch site
  • Utilize digital technologies to enhance a deeper level of prospect engagement
  • Unique content ideas that exemplify the features and benefits
  • Leverage the buzz from the press to amplify the digital experience


  • As an art director, I conceptualize, design, prototype and pitch ideas that answer to the business objective and ask
  • Collaborate closely with business analysts, technologists, developers and project managers to ensure the best delivery and result


It is the individual moments when one can actually utilize the vehicle’s performance that makes one realize how impactful and powerful driving a vehicle like this really is.

It’s in these moments that your senses combine to create a singular instance of pure bliss. The power is always there for you. Whether it’s at a red light or tooling down the freeway, the new Jeep is there to satisfy your primal needs. 


360˚ Light & Sound Painting

  • Emulate the mind-blowing power of the new Jeep by allowing the user to submerge themselves into the powerful moments of performance.
  • The viewer can create trails of light and sound within a 360˚ environment to immerse themselves in the vehicle performance
  • The user can share a snapshot / 360 video of their current view
  • This experience would also be compatible in VR mode (using any mobile VR headsets)


The experience can also be viewed and interacted on mobile.


360˚ Light & Sound Painting

An example of the VR environment where the user can create their own light trails. This is also available to view in a VR headset.