My Jeep Story Interactive Experience



Jeep has launched a My Jeep Story year-long campaign that asked fans to submit their own Jeep stories to be featured on site.

As the campaign was coming to an end, Jeep wanted to create an experience to thank the community and fans.

The experience would encourage people to keep engaging and submitting their stories through social media to keep the community and conversation alive.


In order to demonstrate Jeep’s philosophy “We don’t make Jeep. You do”, I’ve concepted and presented an interactive site idea in which a 3D model Jeep is comprised of particles that each represent a Jeep Story that users have submitted. Users can rotate and explore the 3D Jeep and tap onto the particle to view a Jeep story.

As well, a social and physical award badge would be crafted for fans who have submitted their Jeep story as memorabilia.


As the Art Director, I conceptualize, design, prototype and pitch ideas that answer the business objective and ask. I also collaborate closely with business analysts, technologists, developers, and project managers to ensure the best delivery and result.


A My Jeep Story Honour Badge symbolizes the campaign year and a thank you to the fans. It acts as a social and physical reward for people who have submitted to My Jeep Story to put on their Jeeps, as well as social.

People who have received the badge are encouraged to post photos of it on social media with #MyJeepStory.