Hologram Experience

Canadian Tire


Canadian Tire wants to create a magical experience in-store that captures the spirit of Christmas for adults and children. A creative and innovative way to merchandise and showcase Canadian Tire’s in-depth assortment of ornaments and Christmas lifestyle that has never been done before.


As Canadian Tire has limited store space, I wanted to utilize as little space as possible to showcase the most assortment of Christmas ornaments. The traditional Christmas tree allows for ornament showcase, but how can the shoppers get to know each ornament and see its unique details without having to go up close to it and /or find them in a sea of ornaments?


A Christmas tree that is a combination of both physical and hologram technology to create an experience that allows shoppers to explore Canadian Tire’s exclusive ornaments up close.

The tree will have the traditional top and bottom, but the midsection would be replaced with a hologram box that showcases ornaments with information and animation. Shoppers can also tap through the different ornaments to see them all at their own pace.


As the Senior Designer at the Digital Innovation Department of Canadian Tire, I conceptualize and design the experience utilizing the technical specs from the vendor. I also help pitched the idea to the shopper and product innovation department.